In 2002, I talked my Dad into buying me my first ever domain name: tsmithphotos.com. I used it to post my early photography work until college, when I switched over to tsmithcreative.com for a professional portfolio. For years, this domain sat empty, but I couldn’t bear to let it expire because of all the growth it represented in photography, art, web development, and even personal branding.

NIKON D7000 with 18.0-70.0 mm f/3.5-4.5 ISO100 1/125 @ f/5.6 18mm From Three-Stop Mental Health Circuit

But I was taking all these photos that just sat on my computer, mostly unshared. What’s the use in recording all of these images and trying to grow my skills if I’m not going to share them with anyone? So it’s time to resurrect this domain. But how?

Early versions of this site used a horribly insecure PHP auto-generated gallery script I wrote, then Dreamweaver-generated sites, and eventually even a Flash-powered gallery I built that ingested data from XML files. In keeping that spirit of using my web development interest to support my photography hobby, I’ve custom-built another solution for this site and I’ll be releasing the code on GitHub after I’ve cleaned it up a bit.

NIKON D7000 with 10.5 mm f/2.8 ISO200 1/400 @ f/10 10.5mm From World Pulse LIVE

I’ve tried other photo services but none seemed to fit the spirit of what I want out of this site. 500px seems to be for the top-quality professional images, and it isn’t free if you want to post more than a small handful of photos. Behance is a great community but photo alumbs weren’t always easy to manage. Flickr seemed more accurate in spirit, but my username is taken! But even that seemed inadequate after the Great West Coast Roadtrip, where I realized that sometimes I like to write stories about my adventures.

So here is TSmithPhotos, Version 7: a vacation-snapshot-accepting, informal-blog-writing-friendly, web-development-playing, just-for-friends-and-family site of things I’ve seen along the last few years of adventures.

NIKON D7000 with 10.5 mm f/2.8 ISO200 1/25 @ f/2.8 10.5mm From A Night at Intercontinental

Thank you for looking.