A Birthday Roadtrip

Aug 1, 2018
New Mexico and Colorado

Over the past twenty-nine hundred miles: I almost got lost on White Sands National Monument, wrote a presentation, gave a presentation, offroaded to the top of 13k foot Mount McClelland, found a ghost town poisoned with mercury and arsenic and lead at the Santiago Mine, changed a flat, changed it back, cussed out a terrible jack, visited an old family reunion ground at Grand Lake, hiked 8 miles, saw the best sunset Rocky Mountain National Park has ever had, attended meetings from a lakeshore boardwalk, did design research in a hammock in the woods, got the privilege of participating in a Bar Mitzvah, tried bouldering in hiking boots (don’t) at Garden of the Gods (do), drove on a rickety wooden bridge, convinced some dear friends to go on a hike that ended up being a StairMaster, had a great backyard bbq, worked remotely from a truck stop, found some old spray-painted Cadillacs in a field, and made it home safe at 3am.

30th birthday for me, 50k on the Xterra (first introduced in OAT East).